An Unforgettable Watercolor Retreat by Trupti Karjinni & Blue Pine Arts
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Escape to the Canadian Rockies with Trupti for a 4-day art retreat

I invite you to an intimate gathering in the majestic vistas of Alberta's Rocky Mountain foothills.

16 of us will immerse ourselves in tranquil nature, paint together with handmade watercolors & papers, and connect deeply over epicurean delights.  

Step back from the chaos of the world, and into a time focused *only* on your creative play.

In gently guided classes taught by Yours Truly (Yours Trupti?), learn the skills to capture your travel memories in glowing watercolor paintings.

Whether you are a beginner/intermediate artist itching to master new skills, or a burnt-out expert artist who wants to reconnect to your creative energy, this holistic retreat is for you.

Indulge in curated creative experiences in a restful manner.

Here's what is in store for you:

  • You'll be surrounded with¬†passionate creatives in a quiet, private property
  • You'll be spoilt with gourmet food prepared by our private chefs
  • We'll go on hikes and learn how to take inspiring reference pictures for our artworks
  • We'll luxuriate in chill painting workshops where you'll¬†learn how to fearlessly paint your travel memories, and add new skills to your artist repertoire
  • We'll have¬†fireside coaching conversations, gently taking walls down and connecting in raw vulnerability
  • We'll laugh, tell stories and partake in culinary and creative delights
  • You'll rest, revive and reconnect with your creative inspiration in the stunning landscapes of Rocky Mountain foothills and Banff.

Every part of this retreat is thoughtfully curated to offer you a transformative experience, blending creativity with nature.

You'll walk away with new art besties, a bunch of paintings & painting skills, custom Blue Pine Arts handmade art supplies, and a heart full of warm memories + inspiration.

Need I say more? This experience was meant for YOU! Because you are so worth it!
Friday, Aug 9, 2024 



Arrive at The Crossing at Ghost River, our retreat venue, and check-in 4pm onwards.

Take time to settle-in, unpack and stroll the extensive grounds.


Connect with me, Nahush and your fellow retreat artists over wine and artisanal charcuterie.

At the same time, you'll go "oooh" and "ahhh" as you go through your very own BPA gift bag filled with custom art supplies and other *surprise* local delights. ;)


After an ambrosian dinner, I'll lead you through a visualization ritual where you'll set your Sankalpa, the Sanskrit word for Intention - intentions for this retreat and your creative practice as a whole.

End the night with a stroll, a nightcap, and a good night's sleep.

Saturday, Aug 10, 2024



After breakfast, we will go on a leisurely hike on the retreat property. On the hike, I will teach you how to take compositionally sound reference pictures that capture the essence of your travels.

We will paint these pictures in the next day's painting classes.


I'll show you my favourite, easiest and most impactful landscape techniques that help me create my signature style of expressive, atmospheric watercolor landscapes.

I'll teach you the foundational skills of observing and capturing the mood + atmosphere of your travel landscapes.

Of course there will be snacks and refreshments.

Suitable for beginner, intermediate and experienced artists.


After a heavenly dinner, we'll head to the Ghost River's banks on the property, and we'll have raw conversations, tell stories and connect deeply over shared vulnerability.

You are invited to ask me any questions you have about creative living, creative businesses, holistic manifestation, spirituality, anything.

I invite you to share YOUR wisdom with the rest of the retreat group.

No gatekeeping in this sacred space!

Sunday, Aug 11, 2024



We'll gather in the Pine Loft, a renovated barn, and we will paint the reference pictures from the previous day's hike. We've already begun painting our memories!

I will teach you layer-by-layer, step-by-step methods to effortlessly paint simple, yet impactful, atmospheric landscapes.

You will be following along and painting with your luxurious BPA supplies.


After an incredible lunch, you will paint landscapes from your own reference pictures from yesterday's hike.

You'll practice the skills learnt in the previous painting classes, while I walk around offering gentle critiques and improvements.

This is where you bravely implement all that you've learnt here!


We'll meet that evening for a farewell dinner where we will raise a glass (or two, or three!)

This is followed by a sunset group photo session with all of us holding our new paintings.

After that, one last time, we'll walk to the riverside fire pit and spend more time having those much-needed conversations of authentic + holistic creative living.

We'll juice out as much magic, connection and joy out of this time as possible.

Monday, Aug 12, 2024



After an amazing last brekkie, it's time to pack up and checkout at 10am.

We'll have one last photo session and a warm salute until next time!


We'll drive through the jaw-dropping Canadian Rocky Mountains and go to Banff so you can check it off your bucket list!

Retreat officially ends when we reach Banff. This is where we part ways.

Spend time in Banff shopping, go to the famous Fairmont Banff Springs hotel that is known as the "Castle in the Rockies", have a drink at their Rundle bar. Continue your adventure!



Included in your ticket price is a $500+ worth goodie bag full of custom BPA art supplies and local treats!

Here's what you'll find when you gleefully dig into your gift bag:

  • A custom BPA palette with 12 FULL PANS of our luxuriant pure-pigment handmade watercolors (YOU choose the colors you want!)
  • Our 8"x8" Square Sketchbook covered in a limited-edition Indian fabric. Inside you'll find our¬†100% cotton rag archival¬†Indian handmade paper.
  • Bundles of our signature paper in different sizes
  • Brushrolls made with limited edition Indian fabric and assorted pockets
  • 4 Princeton brushes - Neptune quill (size 6), Neptune round (size 8), Hake brush (1 inch), Heritage liner (size 2)
  • A paper block of archival, acid-free 100% cotton, cold-press paper
  • Shimmers dot cards
  • Custom BPA tote bags
  • A bottle of wine
  • And other local delights

I know what you're thinking - "Holy guacamole, Trupti! This gift bag alone makes it worth coming to the retreat!"




I'm an artist who painted her reality into existence.

I grew up in India as a typical eldest-daughter-with-raging-ADHD.

7 years ago, I accidentally picked up my cousin's brushes and since that first whoosh of watercolor on wet paper, I haven't looked back.

Painting watercolor landscapes and florals, and reconnecting to nature through that, is the most healing thing I have ever done.

Making art and living a creative life allowed me to heal from severe childhood trauma, transform my entire life and fulfil many audacious dreams.

Sometimes I can't believe that as the Founder of Blue Pine Arts, my actual job is to make boutique handmade art supplies for passionate artists like you. What's even more fantastical is that as an educator, I get to nurture the creative community though my course, and now, retreats!

It's all rather magical.

I am a lucky, lucky b*tch who gets to wake up every day, live a multi-faceted creative life in Calgary and finally meet you in August!

Although this is my first art retreat, I've taught in-person workshops in Frankfurt, Cologne, Rotterdam and across India. Here's what my online students have to say about painting with me:

This is all about my online classes. Imagine experiencing this in person with your fellow artists and me. The magic is a million times stronger!



  • You are excited to escape to the tranquil arms of nature to solely focus on painting, nourishing your inspiration and learning how to capture your travel memories for years to come.
  • You are burnt out because you are everything to everyone. For once, you want to put yourself first, heal and deeply nurture your creative inspiration.
  • You are¬†craving genuine human connection, with your Self and other creatives just like you. You are looking for lifelong art besties and this retreat is where you'll find them!
  • It's been far too long since you've traveled for *yourself* and created in¬†the lap of nature. You are craving to get out of your headspace, reconnect with your bodymind and foray out of your comfort zone.
  • The stress of the world has taken a toll, you've fallen off your creative rhythm and you just want to¬†get back to painting prolifically!
  • If you've had any desire to learn from me to paint evocative landscapes that capture the *essence* of different landscapes.
  • The stunning mountains and turquoise lakes of Banff and Jasper National parks are on your bucket list. Extending a few days of your trip beyond the retreat and having your own art adventure is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED because you‚Äôre coming to one of the world‚Äôs most beautiful places.
  • Plain and simple - you are looking to be SPOILT while you play, which is exactly how we're gonna make you feel. That's a promise!

What's Included In Your Ticket

  • 3 nights private accommodation at the historic 145 acres property of The Crossing at Ghost River
  • 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners made by private chefs
  • $500+ worth of custom Blue Pine Arts supplies and other local delights in your very own swag bag
  • 4 detailed, instructional classes with Trupti
  • Riverside coaching, self-hypnosis and nervous system regulation sessions with Trupti
  • Welcome Aperitivo
  • Private single occupancy rooms (complete privacy for you, you don‚Äôt need to share!)
  • A stunning studio in a barn loft for our painting classes and coaching sessions
  • Visit to Banff on the last day
  • Access to the extensive retreat grounds, the riverbank and dipping pool of Ghost River, amenities, antique-furnished common rooms and game rooms, and communal areas during the retreat days and evenings



Please note that transportation to and from the retreat venue is NOT INCLUDED in your ticket price. The retreat venue is not super remote, and the drives are some of the most scenic in the world.

A car rental is recommended (those roadside adventures and photos are also highly recommended!)

However, if you don’t drive, we'll share affordable transport options with you from Calgary, Cochrane, Canmore and Banff. There's Uber, cab services, bus service or you can even get a ride from another retreat participant who is renting a car (you'll be able to coordinate this in our private FB group.)

Don't worry - the retreat venue is very accessible! It is only an hour from Calgary International Airport, and an hour from Banff. 

VISA AND PASSPORT - It is your responsibility to obtain a valid passport and to pay for all visas and entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirement and for any document required by laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of the countries you will visit.




With each booking we take on a financial commitment with the retreat location that we are obliged to fulfil.

Whether you are paying in full or with our payment plans, please note that we require a USD $927 non-refundable deposit to fulfill the above mentioned commitment.



If you need to cancel your retreat package booking for any reason, you may be eligible for a partial refund based on the following criteria:

  • If you cancel BEFORE June 10th, 2024¬†(60 days before retreat start date), your deposit of USD $927 shall be non-refundable, and only the balance you‚Äôve paid above the non-refundable deposit (whichever payment plan you‚Äôve chosen) is eligible for a refund.
  • If you cancel AFTER June 10th and BEFORE July 10th, 2024¬†(30 days before the retreat start date), you will receive a 50% refund of the total amount paid on your payment plan.
  • If you cancel AFTER July 10th,¬†NO REFUNDS will be given.
  • In the event that we are forced to cancel the retreat due to circumstances beyond our control, we will email you and give you a full refund.

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel and health insurance to cover any potential losses or unforeseen circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding our refund policy, please don‚Äôt hesitate to contact us on¬†[email protected]. We want to ensure that you have a positive and enjoyable experience with us.



If you are unable to attend the retreat but wish to transfer your booking to another person, you may do so at no extra cost.

It will be your responsibility to find the replacement person. We can help you find a replacement person by reaching out to our waitlist, however we DO NOT GUARANTEE we will be able to find said replacement person.

In case you want to transfer your booking, please email us on¬†[email protected]¬†prior to doing so, latest by July 10th, 2024.

We can help facilitate the transfer.




Coming to this retreat with your bestie is highly recommended to form everlasting memories! ūüėć

As a bonus, you and your friend will each get a $100 website cash for the Blue Pine Arts store.

Email us at¬†[email protected]¬†if your friend is registering too and we'll send you the website cash!



Find the right payment plan for you:

All prices are in USD.



out of which $927 is your non-refundable deposit

  • Access to¬†all workshops
  • All workshop supplies and delights
  • All meals and refreshments
  • Access to the extensive retreat grounds, amenities, your private room, and communal areas during the retreat days and evenings
  • Access to our private FB group



the first month’s payment is your non-refundable deposit

  • Access to¬†all workshops
  • All workshop supplies and delights
  • All meals and refreshments
  • Access to the extensive retreat grounds, amenities, your private room, and communal areas during the retreat days and evenings
  • Access to our private FB group


Want to bring a non-participating plus one partner?


Great news - you can! The price for bringing a partner is USD $1000.

This price includes food, accommodation, access to the property, and recommended non-painter activities. Basically, the price includes everything except for painting classes + coaching sessions with Trupti, and the BPA gift bag.


After buying YOUR¬† ticket, please email us about your plus one on¬†[email protected]¬†and we will send you the payment link.

Please note that out of this $1000, $927 is a non-refundable deposit.

If you and your plus one are staying in the room, we will prioritize you to get a queen or king bed.

~ Experience deep rejuvenation ~

~ Make plentiful art ~

~ Find your new art besties ~

~ Nurture your creative inspiration ~




All without any disturbances or distractions. A time purely for *your* creative play.


You've got Q's, we've got A's...