I’m Trupti Karjinni,

Master Manifestation Coach, Money Mentor to Visionary Entrepreneurs, and CEO of two global companies in India and Canada.

Less than 6 years ago, I was stuck at an unfulfilling corporate job paying less than $320/month, living paycheck-to-paycheck and wondering “will life ever get better than this?!”

Deep down I knew I wanted more, so I kept looking. A chance encounter with watercolors opened up a whole new world for me.

I kept following the pings from the Universe, trusting myself more and more, and it led me to here -

The owner of two global businesses, one in India and another in Canada, which together have generated over half a million dollars in revenue and impacted over 35,000 souls.

I created every aspect of my current reality by design. I moved from my small hometown, Belgaum in India, to Calgary, Canada with my husband and two fur babies.

To the little Trupti who grew up with severe childhood trauma and low self-esteem, experiencing extreme poverty multiple times, the life of prosperity, wealth and peace I’m living today would seem impossible.

That’s why I genuinely believe that what is possible for me is possible for you.

I would love nothing more than to show you that you can absolutely create your dream life by BE-coming a Master Manifestor.

If you want more for yourself and your loved ones, but a voice inside you says “it’s too impossible for me”, then consider it my life mission to help you discover that your success is inevitable.


I bet you’d never guess that…

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