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Evolving Artists Collective

A membership + community that gives you the techniques, resources, coaching, and support you need to master watercolor landscapes.


What if you could...

✨ Paint complex watercolor landscapes without feeling intimidated and confused

✨ Confidently share your art with the world without fear of judgement 

✨ Refine your skills so that you can uncover your own artistic style (which allows you to paint anything you put your mind to)

✨ Find the time & motivation to paint regularly so you’ll see consistent progress as an artist.

✨ Be part of a vibrant community of like-minded creatives who celebrate your wins and motivate you on your low days

✨ Gain the confidence in your watercolor mastery so you can turn this into an artistic career  (and NEVER have to believe that you’re a “starving artist”)

Yes, all this is possible! No matter where you are in your watercolor journey, the confidence you need to paint evocative landscapes comes from sharpening your skills, cultivating a healthy mindset, and surrounding yourself with an uplifting support system.

In EAC, each month you will receive

Painting Tutorials with Trupti & Guest Artists

Step-by-step tutorials each month that you can work through at your own pace. Get ready to paint mountainscapes, ocean waves, clouds, abstract landscapes, and so much more!

Private Podcast

Shed your limiting beliefs and open your mind to creative confidence by listening to this private, members-only podcast, Mindset with Trupti. New episodes are uploaded monthly.

Implementation Sessions

Each month we’ll jump on a LIVE Zoom paint party on a weekend (dates/times TBD) and create together.

Live Q&A Sessions

Interact with Trupti and our guest artists during monthly Zoom calls to get your burning questions answered. Get inspired by creative career discussions.

Creative Community

Once you join EAC, you’ll be part of an a close-knit community full of support, inspiration, and motivation.

Feedback & Art Critiques

You can submit your paintings for a gentle critique and feedback from either myself or the monthly watercolor experts.

Plus these additional BONUSES you'll get once you join -


🖌 17 watercolor tutorials

These foundational tutorials will help you solidify your watercolor basics so you can feel more confident as you tackle more advanced watercolor techniques.

🖌 12 Color Spotlight PDFs

These PDF’s will show you how to mix 12 different colors so you can master color mixing.

🖌 Monthly Assignments

You will actually apply what you learn each month to help you develop your own artistic style.


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Meet Your Creative Guide

Hey, I'm Trupti Karjinni, watercolor artist, creative coach, educator and Founder of Blue Pine Arts.

4 years ago I was at a low-paying dead-end job with no passion in life. Then I did one simple thing that changed my entire life around - I started painting with watercolors everyday and shared it on my Instagram account.

That one choice led me to an incredibly fulfilling creative life, where I flourished in watercolors, sold my artworks, founded my artisanal paint-making company Blue Pine Arts and employed a beautiful team.

I have had the honor of teaching and empowering over 25000 students across the world.

Following my creative calling with watercolors gave me confidence, a multi-faceted 6-figure business and a beautiful, abundant life. I can do this for you too. 

Learn From Our International Guest Artists


PLUS Free Access to All of These Foundational Watercolor Tutorials

Even if you feel like a beginner, there is a place for you in EAC

Serene Lake Reflections

What our students said -

"I loved this class! Absolutely loved painting the lake. I think it was the colors that really hooked me. So peaceful and quiet. Great class, thanks Trupti!"

Loosening Brushstrokes with a Seascape Painting

What our students said -

"Loved this class. The part where we break the rules was really the best for me and your enthusiasm and joy while painting was so viral and contagious."

Majestic, Snow-capped Mountains

What our students said -

"Loved the February class. I always tend to overcomplicate my scenes, so it a joy to learn this uncomplicated way to paint mountains. This class was an eye opener that less is more when it comes to landmasses."

Artwork Photography & Editing

"What our students said -

Trupti your tutorial on photography makes my little photographer heart sing. You've hit so many excellent pro tips and I'm loving listening to it (and your voice) while I edit photos."

Summer Skies and Clouds

What our students said -

"After practicing a zillion clouds I think I am almost there...just went crazy and painted on a much bigger sheet fearlessly. Trupti loved yours and techniques on learn painting sky."

Trees and Foliage in Landscapes

What our students said -

"The best part is now, the more I let myself be free and relaxed...come in my style.. the more I enjoy my paintings..I am totally loving this painting of is one of my favourites."

Glowing Sunsets with Claire Giordano

What our students said -

"I simply loved this glowing sunset effect..I really enjoyed the way Claire helped us with colour mixing. The techniques were explained beautifully. Thanks for this wonderful class."

Perspective In Action with
Sweta Kaushik

What our students said -

" I usually struggle to get proportions right whenever I try painting from reference pictures. This class has definitely made it easier now. This is #win moment for me because I finally learned how to paint from different viewpoints. It's like opening a treasure chest."

Getting Started With
Gouache Landscape

What our students said -

"Honestly, I felt like I was so attached to watercolors and trying Gouache felt like betrayal and now the story is reversed. Gouache is so much fun."

Expressive Gouache Landscapes - Mastering Color Mixing

What our students said -

"The strange thing is, all these years I never thought of painting a landscape in Gouache, didn't think I could do it so easily. I love Trupti's simplistic approach to landscape painting."

Expressive Florals

What our students said -

"I had never painted real life before, but I continued every day until the flowers started looking like flowers. But it wasn't so much about painting flowers as it was a lesson in water control, shadows, and highlights. It's going to help me in all areas of watercolor."

Loose Florals and Wreath

What our students said -

"I'm so glad I did this. It was an absolute pleasure to my watercolor soul. Thank you Trupti for the ahmazing class for your style is very contagious and I loved the experience of painting with your techniques."

Watercolor Foundations & Techniques

What our students said -

"I had an AHA moment painting this. I am very conscious and controlling usually while painting but after watching the July class I tried this one and felt more liberated than before.

I didn't worry much about the outcome, I just went with the flow."

Color Theory &
Color Mixing Demystified

What our students said -

"Started taking colour mixing class...n omg omg..what a session..I was completely in shock and in awe as to what colors can do..
Wow... absolutely mind-blowing ❤️
Super super fun and engaging session!!
Well I was having AHA moment all the time throughout the class😁"

Daily Painting Projects - How and Why?

What our students said -

"My biggest AHA moments throughout these 30 days was first the change it brought in me. It compelled me to show up everyday for this daily challenge, which I think was the push I needed. And secondly the amazing amazing (understatement) people I met."

Effective Goal-Setting Masterclass

What our students said -

"I just completed the Masterclass on goal setting and felt so motivated to complete this assignment! I’ve always just made mental note and lists, and as you can imagine, it’s super disorganized, and I invariably forget some tasks. But having this list in front of me and especially sharing it with the community is giving me a huge sense of responsibility and some jitters 😬😁"

Frame-Worthy Watercolors Masterclass

What our students said -

"I have been so excited for this class and I just love how this has turned out to be !! I can't stop admiring it. The whole process of painting this filled my heart with such a joy and a feeling of calm. I love my painting."


Step into intentional, sustainable creative growth.

Evolving Artists Collective rests on  3 main pillars:


To get to a place where you feel confident about showing off your art, you need to hone your skills and refine your artistic style.

Trupti and her Guest Experts will spill all their secret tools/techniques that have helped them become mindful and masterful artists.


Creative growth can often feel lonely and uncomfortable.

Nerd out with other watercolor enthusiasts who get you like nobody else in your life does.

This is a safe space where you’ll find support, accountability, compassion, and the motivation.


Did you know that your mind plays a big role in your success as an artist? The harshest critic you’ll find is yourself.

With the members-only podcast, Mindset with Trupti, get practical tips on how release your limiting beliefs so you start to truly value yourself and your art. 

Is the Evolving Artists Collective right for you?


This membership community is for you if:

 ✔ You’re ready to paint stunning, complex watercolor landscapes without feeling intimidated and confused

 ✔ Want to confidently share your art with the world without fear of judgement 

 ✔ You want to refine your skills so that you can uncover your own painting style (which allows you to paint anything you put your mind to)

 ✔ You want the time & motivation to paint regularly so you’ll see consistent progress as an artist.

 ✔ You’re ready to be part of a vibrant community of like-minded creatives who celebrate your wins and motivate you on your low days

 ✔ You want to gain the confidence in your watercolor mastery so you can turn this into an artistic career  (and NEVER have to believe that you’re a “starving artist”)

 ✔ Want to start thinking, feeling and believing that you are a successful artist

190+ members waiting to welcome you into EAC!


Student Results

In EAC, we APPLY what we learn in Implementation Weeks.

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