Ready to Become a Master Manifester?

I teach you practical manifestation techniques so that you can actually *embody and apply* manifestation principles to BE-come a Master Manifestor.


Manifestation can feel like all your desires are intentionally, automatically & ceaselessly appearing in your reality, instead of a sporadic, accidental twist of fate.



I'm Trupti

And quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of seeing you read/listen all about manifestation, but when it comes to *applying* consistently, you're like "Umm... I don't know how." 😐 

This is why I made it my life mission to teach practical manifestation techniques in a way that'll help you integrate your mind, body and spirit so that you truly BE-come a Master Manifestor.

What does that mean?

Imagine manifesting small and big desires on a daily basis - from parking spots to sports cars. Yep, all that and more is possible for you.

The magic word that makes manifestations happen ceaselessly & automatically is EMBODIMENT and that is what I'll help you with. 

I am passionate AF about helping you rewrite your limiting beliefs, embody radical authenticity and dive into ancient wisdom so that you unapologetically create a life of true freedom and prosperity, whatever that means to *you*.



How Art Finally Helped Me Overcome Perfectionism

It’s time to shatter the idea that hard work (stemming from perfectionism) leads to more success & money.

In this inspiring yet disruptive talk, I outline 5 critical lessons that watercolors, my art medium, taught me in finally overcoming perfectionism, and the resulting burnouts, once and for all.

What's more, I provide concrete proof of how imperfect authenticity, instead of perfectionism, in business owners directly results in more revenue.

Watch to find out more.

**And yes, that’s a Harry Potter book in the video.

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AnnMarie Espina - Mentor for Business Owners w/ ADHD

"Since stepping into this container I have learned so much. The thing I love most is that she encourages you to find your own unique manifestation formula."

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